Shinn Cutter


The Shinn Cutter is mounted on a 200-Series Wide-Track Komatsu Trachoe. This machine provides mulching capability in environmentally sensitive areas requiring low impact on terrain. Because the mulching head is mounted on an excavator arm, we are able to mulch vegetation on slopes and banks. The fixed cutters on the rotary head allow mulching to very fine particles if desired or required. This machine can handle any size vegetation. The Shinn Cutter is one of the most efficient land clearing machines available.


The Supertrac is a fixed-tooth, Fecon mulcher-head mounted on a 100-horsepower Taceuchi 150 skid steer. This machine is capable of reaching up to 10 feet and mulching any size wood. The Supertrac is perfect for tight areas.



The Reachover is a tractor-mounted, offset rotating head, power shearer capable of trimming to a height of 25 feet and an offset reach of approximately 15 feet. This machine is capable of producing a clean cut on wood from 8 inches in diameter down to twig size.


Rears Mulcher

The Rears Mulcher is pulled by a John Deere 7230 and is primarily used for mulching behind a power shearing machine. The rears mulcher is capable of reducing cuttings to fine mulch.


TOL 1200

This tree trimming machine can hedge and top trees, and is perfect not only for right-of-way work, but also for condominiums, golf courses and other locations requiring vegetation management.



Barko Mulcher

The Barko has a fixed-tooth Fecon cutter head mounted on a 250 horsepower Barko articulated loader. This monster of a machine can handle any size tree, yet is still environmentally friendly.


Other Equipment:

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